14 Christmas around the world - how the British, Cubans, Swiss and other nations celebrate Christmas

Christmas around the world: how the British, Cubans, Swiss and other nations celebrate Christmas

Christmas is the ideal opportunity for every people to reveal their culture, their customs and traditions, some older, some to the era of modernity. We present how the British celebrate Christmas, Cubans, New Zealanders, Icelandic, Dutch, Finns, Swedes, Swiss, French, Russians, Germans and Spaniards Jamaicans.

CHRISTMAS IN ENGLAND (click here to see pictures of Christmas in London)
Christmas in the UK is by far the most liberal, and sometimes libertine worldwide. Preparations in full swing starts before 25 December and the holiday atmosphere is purely commercial and captivating colors and joy shown by anywhere you go in England, be it London or the last village in the north. The English have a habit of going first in PUB, especially the young, and slightly tipsy, then go to the dismay of the church age.

On the first day of Christmas, the country is effectively paralyzed, was declared THE BOXING DAY (opening day gift boxes). Christmas traditions, including family dinner, was imported to England from the Germans in the Victorian era.

Christmas lights in London

Christmas lights in London (source)

The best day for Cubans is not the first day of Christmas Eve but, especially Christmas Eve, as in all the Latin peoples, giving Spain the tone for La Nochebuena. Cubans consume Eve roast pork, black beans with rice or yuca (traditional herbal form of puree). Cuban families (including all degrees of kinship to the great-grandparents and great-aunts) to spend the morning on Cuban traditional music.

Christmas in Havana, Cuba

Christmas in Havana, Cuba (source)

Icelanders have very interesting traditions, being practically lived on an island-country ice cream. Here arrive 13 (!) Santa Clauses 13 days before Christmas. Every day many a Santa Claus arrives, the first coming in the mountains. The 13 Santa Clauses bring sweets and toys in good children boots. This parade estates you until January 6, the day called the day of the 13th Santa, when the last Santa returns to his home after he distributed gifts.

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Christmas in Iceland

Christmas in Iceland (source)

In New Zealand English respecting old traditions, being a country under the protection of the British royal crown. Christmas Tree at Zealanders is called Pohntokawa and is one of the most important symbols of the holiday. Given that many people living in the northern hemisphere in New Zealand, this Christmas is celebrated twice: on December 25 and in July, when there is the middle of winter.

Christmas in New Zealand

Christmas in New Zealand (source)

The Dutch know that Santa Claus comes from spanoli on December 6 and brings them gifts. An interesting custom of Dutch is the way that children receive Mos. They fill their their boots with sugar and flour for Santa’s reindeer or horses to feed.

Christmas in the Netherlands

Christmas in the Netherlands (source)

Finnish families go to church on Christmas Eve every year starting at 17. After that, they go to the graves of their loved ones where they light candles and hold a special Christmas service. Like in other parts of the world, Finnish children waiting impatiently arrival of Santa Claus with presents.

Christmas in Finland – Santa Claus village

Christmas in Finland – Santa Claus village (source)

Ham, fish and beans are a traditional food for Christmas. The best day is the day of Christmas Eve, and the most important point is Christmas Eve, when families and friends gather at the table.

Christmas Market in Gothenburg, Sweden

Christmas Market in Gothenburg, Sweden (source)

Swiss celebrate Christmas somewhat different. Santa Claus here comes not only with gifts for children, it brings the Christmas tree, so it has an extra burden, and that makes the 1775. Another specific Swiss tradition is lighted parade radishes. Children and their parents scrape some radishes (like pumpkins) you shine with lights or candles.

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Christmas in Switzerland

Christmas in Switzerland (source)

CHRISTMAS IN GERMANY (click here to see pictures of Christmas in Munich)
Christmas Eve is the most important for the Germans because then gather together family, friends and loved ones who have not seen for a long time.

Christmas in Bavaria, Germany

Christmas in Bavaria, Germany (source)

CHRISTMAS IN FRANCE (click here to see pictures of Christmas in Paris)
Perre Noel (Santa Claus) brings gifts on the night of December 24th French. And this happened on December 6, because Santa Claus St. Nicholas took place in France.

Christmas in Colmar, Alsace, France

Christmas in Colmar, Alsace, France (source)

CHRISTMAS IN SPAIN (click here to see pictures of Christmas in Madrid)
In Spain, children do not receive their gifts from Santa Claus but from the three wise men who gave the Nativity, and this happened on January 6 (Dia de los Reyes Magos). An interesting thing is that the Spaniards introduced the Christmas tree in Latin America, but the Latins, as they do not have coniferous decorate Christmas cacti.

Valencia, Spain. Las Fallas festival, iluminación Calle Cuba

Valencia, Spain. Las Fallas festival, iluminación Calle Cuba (source)

Jamaicans spend as any other people in celebration of Christmas carols by the same preucm known “Jingle Bells” or “Holly Night”. What is peculiar is Jamaican food. They mainly eat rice with spicy venison and beef ox.

Christmas in Jamaica

Christmas in Jamaica (source)

CHRISTMAS IN RUSSIA (click here to see pictures of Christmas in Moscow)
Russians celebrate Christmas on January 7 after the Julian calendar. They put on the table meat dumplings, cakes and customary Russian vodka.

Christmas in Moscow, Russia

Christmas in Moscow, Russia (source)